Wednesday, January 25, 2012

From surgery to doughnuts

My big sister Ash got sinus surgery last week :( hopefully she will be able to breathe better now! When she woke up, they put this gauze under her nose to stop drainage from the surgery. To liven it up a little, she asked me to put a mustache on it. It's-a-me, a-Mario!
Also last week, I cut my hair! I cut off 10 inches to give to Locks of Love. I will miss my long hair, but I hope it enjoys it's new home.
 While we had a long ponytail of hair, what else could we do but play with it?

 For Danny's birthday, his brother Doug and his wife Rachel gave him this nice doughnut maker to continue our collection of children's candy makers.
 We made doughnuts on Saturday with my mom and Haley and they were finger lickin good!
 We made plain doughnuts and dipped them in cinnamon sugar, YUM!

Halloween, Christmas and New Years, 2011

For Halloween, Danny and I were so excited to pass out candy to cute kids from our own house! So we got all dressed up, decorated our house and got a HUGE basket of candy ready. After about an hour, when no kids had shown up, we decided to set up a table outside so that kids would see that there was candy there. We put out the pumpkins we had carved with my mom and family, candles, the candy and some chairs. After about 20 minutes, still no kids. We saw our neighbor who was out for a walk with her dog, and she said she would tell people to come our way. We finally got 5 kids, in 2 groups, to take some candy.
We had left over Halloween candy til Christmas.

This is the pumpkin Danny carved at my mom's Halloween party. Its the Joker! He won first place in the contest!
... And this is mine. It's the bat signal.
 Our cute M&M costumes! we were also a giant for a party we went to. I sat on Danny's shoulders and we had a long black cloak around us. Some people at the party were way confused on how I made myself so tall, not realizing that there was another person in there :)
 For our first Christmas... we got the best tree in the Smith's tree lot, and Danny carried it into our house with ease (because he is so strong, not because it was a little tree).
Danny was getting frustrated trying to untangle the lights. After they were finally undone, many of them stopped working, so we had to go back to Smith's to buy new ones anyways. So we bought more, put them on our tree, but we didn't get enough to light the top of the tree. So we had to go back to Smith's again to get some more.
 But it turned out so pretty that we didn't care anyways!
 The tree topper is a small Christmas tree Danny made out of rolled up magazine pages and glitter, so pretty!
 We spent Christmas morning at the Shaw's with our cute nephews Liam (on my lap) and Gavin (on Danny's lap). It was so fun to watch Gavin open and play with his presents... and ours.
 We spent the afternoon with my mom and siblings where we opened presents, went to church, had a delicious brunch with my favorite, Christmas casserole, and relaxed. This picture is outside of the Garden Park ward (where we also had our wedding) on a frozen pond!
 Danny's birthday is two days after Christmas. The day before his birthday, we had some delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream cake that my mom made. On his birthday, Danny went shooting at the range with Dane for the morning.
 Then I took him to lunch at a Brazilian restaurant with Haley, Johnny and Ashley. This is Danny with his favorite present from me John and Haley, a drill! He got so many great presents! A gun from Dane, some sleds from my mom, nike plus and many more!
For dinner we went to the Shaw's where JoDee made a scrumptious birthday dinner!
 Over the New Years weekend, we went with my dad and sisters to West Yellowstone for a snowmobiling trip! It was such a fun weekend! We went to a restaurant where they gave us raw meat and we had to cook it for ourselves.
 Danny and Johnny tried to climb to the top of this wire, they didn't get very far...
 These pictures are at Two Top. It is super high, super windy and super cold! all the trees are frozen over with at least 2 feet of snow and ice.

 This trail was so pretty! we traveled through these narrow trees for a long time and it was majestic!
 The three girls!
 The three boys

Sunday, January 22, 2012


My pictures are in backward order, but here is the story of our wonderful honeymoons...

In September, right after our wedding, we went to stay in Park City at Le Chateau for two days. It was an amazing hotel with DELICIOUS food!

 In October we went on a Norwegian "Freestyle" Cruise on the Spirit. They were very proud of the fact that they were "freestyle". The cruise left from New Orleans and went to Costa Maya, Cozumel, Belize City and Honduras.

 The cruise ship had the best food! and it was all FREE! we had midnight buffalo wing snacks, delightful chicken strips, the best pasta, and so good pizza!

They even gave us our own anniversary cake (above) and it was sooo good!
In Belize City, we went cave tubing. We all had our own tubes and headlamps and we hiked into a beautiful rain forest to the opening of a cave. It was pitch black in the caves. It was amazing!

In Cozumel, it was a very rainy day and we went horseback riding through a rain forest and saw some sweet "ruins." It was one of our favorite activities. Then we went shopping and got some great souvies!
 Each night when we got back on the ship, we found a cute towel animal on our bed. This is one of our favorites.

The Norwegian Spirit!

The beautiful beach we hung out at in Honduras.
We also rented a scooter on the island. It was so fun! We drove around the whole island in about 45 minutes.

I tried driving... I tipped over about 30 seconds after this picture was taken :)

The lovely island
In Costa Maya we went to some awesome Aztec ruins! they were so big! It was a great experience.

 After the ruins, we went to this nice beach, sipped on some pina coladas, and paddled around the coast.
Some more cute towel animals.

The sunsets were beautiful!
 Hanging out at the wonderful pool on the ship.
Yummy beignettes from the famous Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans. This was the best breakfast!
 Crazy parade"Festigals" in New Orleans. SO FUNNY!

Travelling and shopping on Bourbon Street.

 The trolley in New Orleans. We rode this to the Garden District and saw all the cool old southern houses.

 Some nice street performers around Jackson Square.

 Our trip started with getting kicked off our plane, thus being stuck in the airport for 9 hours and getting our flight free, and $80 worth of food vouchers. It was fun hanging out though!

 This is in park city the day after our wedding! our cute sis Rachel and wrote our titles on our car windows. I loved it!

 Cruisin down the Alpine Slide

We had so much fun!
What a wonderful husband I have to plan this for us!!!